Fifty Years Ago

Linn's devoted its Nov. 30, 1964, issue to the subject of Korean philately.

In his editorial, Linn's editor Carl P. Rueth warned collectors about "rainbow chasing" based on a letter from a reader asking for information on how to make money on buying and selling sheets of mint United States stamps.

"The oft repeated adage that 'If a person knew how to make money speculating he'd certainly keep the information to himself, or at least follow his own counsel,' is certainly true to philately," said Rueth.

Stamp dealer David F. Chassy of Babylon, N.Y., advertised pairs of U.S. Scott 373, the imperforate 2¢ Hudson-Fulton Celebration stamp of 1909, for $9.20.

Today a mint never-hinged example catalogs $87.50.