Fifty Years Ago

In its issue of Oct. 26, 1964, Linn's reported on the collecting of ship cancellations.

"One of the most interesting branches of philately is the collecting of naval covers," wrote author Alfred H. Dowle.

In his editorial, Linn's editor Carl P. Rueth discussed letters he regularly received asking for postal administration information.

"In almost all instances a belief is held by the writer that he will get his stamps and FDCs cheaper, or at least not more costly, than if he bought them through a dealer," Rueth wrote. "This is not true, and can't possibly be considering the steps involved."

Rumark Stamp Co. of New York City advertised mint pairs with original gum of United States Scott 347, the 5¢ blue George Washington stamp of 1909, for $12.

Today, a mint, never-hinged example catalogs $130.