Fifty Years Ago

In its issue of Aug. 3, 1964, Linn's reported that the name of the British protectorate of Nyasaland was changing to Malawi. New stamps for the newly independent country were also pictured.

In his editorial, Linn's founder George W. Linn discussed the new United States John F. Kennedy postage stamp, of which 500 million were produced.

"From what we hear from various parts of the country, the Kennedy stamp seems to be a flop, at least in some post offices," wrote Linn. "… They [the U.S. Post Office Department] apparently have misjudged its popularity, and for various reasons it is not moving as fast as had been expected."

Stamp dealer Bob Sandberg of Poway, Calif., advertised mint singles of United States Scott 578, the 1cent; green Benjamin Franklin stamp of 1923, for $5.50. Today a mint example catalogs at $75.