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Harmer-Schau auction at APS Stampshow Harmer-Schau auction at APS Stampshow offers Commonwealth and U.S. rarities
Two British Commonwealth rarities and a new American first-day cover find are among the many stamps and postal history items offered by Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries in the firm’s Aug. 21-23 public auction. (Read more...)

Romanian airmail rarity in Regency-Superior auction Romanian airmail rarity in Aug. 23-24 Regency-Superior auction
Collectors will find two intriguing lots sharing an aviation theme among the many philatelic offerings in the upcoming American Philatelic Society Stampshow auction by Regency-Superior. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Tips: Burkina Faso Tribal Masks set Burkina Faso Tribal Masks set
Burkina Faso — This landlocked West African nation was formerly the French colony of Upper Volta, so named because it encompasses the headwaters and upper drainage area of the Volta River. I (Read more...)

Linn Linn’s U.S. Stamp Market Index - July 2014
Prices for United States stamps in the grade of fine-very fine, the general grade used with this index, remained fairly steady over the last three months, with a minimal decrease noted. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Tips: U.S. 37¢ Flag stamp Hunt for U.S. Flag variety
United States — Beginning in 2002, the U.S. Postal Service issued 37¢ Flag stamps in a variety of formats produced by a number of different printers (Scott 3629F-3637). (Read more...)

EBay scraps stamp and coin review programs EBay scraps stamp and coin review programs
The giant California Internet commerce site eBay, a major forum for stamp and coin sales, has ended two programs that were created to protect collectors from fake and questionable sales. (Read more...)

Stamp Market Tips: Attractive set of Laotian stamps Attractive set of Laotian stamps popular with topical collectors
Laos — For sheer aesthetic eye appeal, bright colors, exotic topics and beautiful engraving, it is hard to beat the stamps of the Kingdom of Laos from 1951 to 1975. (Read more...)

Vol. 4 of the 2015 Scott standard catalog More than 2,000 value changes for Japan in Vol. 4 of the 2015 Scott standard catalog
In Vol. 4 of the 2015 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, which includes stamp listings for countries of the world J-M, more than 11,000 value changes were recorded. (Read more...)

Results for Feldman sale of British Guiana collection Off the charts results for Feldman sale of John E. du Pont’s British Guiana collection
While Sotheby’s June 17 auction of the legendary British Guiana 1¢ Magenta for almost $9.5 (Read more...)

APS board continues search for new executive director
The search for a new American Philatelic Society executive director is ongoing, according to APS board member and immediate past president Wade E. Saadi. (Read more...)

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